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Fans for a new glass factory :

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Tempering & quenching fans :


Cooling fans for steel furnace :

Zone de Texte: Loading of 15 fans for the middle-East : 
Three big trucks were necessary to load the 15 fans destinated to a new glass factory in the middle-East. The huge size of these fans require a oversize   transport. 
Upon request, Eole Engineering organise the total transportation to your factory. Allover the world... 
Zone de Texte: Full run-up before expedition : 
All the tempering & quenching fans constructed by Eole Engineering are always checked during a full running-test before delivery. 
Upon request, Eole Engineering will deliver a complete testing repport.  
Zone de Texte: Last check-up before expedition : 
Control quality is not a Small word for Eole Engineering. All  our products are totaly controlled before expedition.